//Center for TeleMedicine – Sustainable products and services within e-health and tele medicine | 2010-

Center for TeleMedicine – Sustainable products and services within e-health and tele medicine | 2010-


The project will provide a cost-effective development of sustainable e-health related services and products. This should be done by various pilot project demonstrators to create realistic scenarios. Primarily this is done for the County Council of Blekinge but also other potential customers may be targeted. The project will create a technological-medical frontier area that can generate new business in Blekinge.

The focus of the project is

  • E-health pilots, based on feasibility studies and identified needs, in teleradiology, telepathology, care-in-home, and video communication 2.0;
  • Availability and resource problems and the effects of applying an e-health perspective
  • Interoperability of products and services between public and private actors
  • Clarification of the methodology and approach for the development and implementation of e-health activities.

Our goal is to create an e-health center anchored in Blekinge, which can operate also in other counties and with other potential customers. We want to develop healthcare operations and streamline existing processes through the creation of new innovative and sustainable solutions for products, services and related practices. The proposed pilots will primarily be teleradiology, telepathology, care-in-home and video communication. Also other disciplines such as laboratory medicine and dermatology will be able to be evaluated within the project.

The pilots that will be implemented within the project are all based on the already completed need studies and trials, and is rooted in the activities and parties involved. A priority scheme for pilots will be undertaken in conjunction with the project to take into account the current situation in the related project at the time.

A planned e-health center will

  • Providing a cost-effective e-health service for the County Council of Blekinge
  • Increase the attractiveness of medical experts to work in the County Council of Blekinge
  • Evaluate various products and services in a secure but “sharp” test environment with employees and patients in everyday medical work.
  • Give priority to work closely with those who will use the services and develop an approach that provides us with a growing expertise in Blekinge in the relevant areas
  • Enhance cooperation with other counties, and companies
  • Create a technologically and methodologically medical focus area of ​​Blekinge
  • Generate new business in Blekinge, and through this increased export activity

In “Regionalt Tillväxtprogram 2008-2013” Region Blekinge describes “Health & IT” as a priority area profile and write: “It is important to support existing and establish new innovative environment where ideas can be commercialized and businesses evolve.”

In conclusion, this project has close and active links with the County Council of Blekinge, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Region Blekinge, and the for Blekinge established telecommunications industry.


  • Type: Research and development
  • Keywords: E-health, product-service innovation, needfinding, wellbeing
  • Application area: Healthcare
  • Time frame: 2010-2012
  • Research unit: Blekinge Institute of Technology
  • Funding: 19 MSEK
  • Partners: Tillväxtverket, County Council of Blekinge, BTH, Telecom City


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