/Primary healthcare innovation goes prototype

Primary healthcare innovation goes prototype

Students within the master program Sustainable Product-Service Innovation (http://www.bth.se/mspi) at Blekinge Institute of Technology has together with a nurse and under the guidance of Tobias Larsson, developed a new generation prototype of a healthcare product.

The product, a leg rest, supports the leg (or arm) while taking care of wounds or other treatment. It releaves the nurse of some lifting and also free up for usage of both arms in caring for the patient.

The patented design has been improved in terms of usability and design and is now in 2nd generation prototype where next step is commercialisation and marketing, where BTH Innovation will be partner in the future endeveours.

BTH students and wellbeing thinking has come to the support of a nurse who desired a solution to a problem that she experinced first hand…