/Emergency room process improvement

Emergency room process improvement

A better tomorrow starts with a better healthcare. Where patients and doctors can help one another and make the hospital a place of mutual respect and top of the line, effective healthcare. Our system wants to do this and much more. With better patient flow and better background on every patient the hospital will be able to give a more secure healthcare and calmer environment.

In the course “MT2502, Creativity for Product- and Service Development” (Master programme in Mechanical Engineering) students Henning Bakke, Henrik Kvist and Isac Vidman decided to take a walk on a different side and go for a project on how to improve the emergency room process.

In their report “Patient Receiving – How can we make a system that will improve the efficiency of the patients receiving in the Emergency room for both patients and staff?” they target emergency rooms, that nowadays have long waits that can affect staff and patients in a bad way. Stress and malpractice can be a daily routine in which the patient have to return for new diagnostics. According to Svenska Dagbladet, many patients choose to turn to private healthcare, where they think they will get better treatment.

Professor in Product Development at Blekinge Institute of Technology